Company Profile

In the beginning of the establishment of Horng Shin Electric Co., Ltd started to produce a variety of machines with a complete range from normal vacuum welders, induction smelting furnaces, induction heat boilers, induction forging & heating boilers as well as D. C motors.

The understanding of the trend to reduce carbon emissions and enhancing the entrepreneur’s competence, those factors stimulate Horng Shin to become a pioneer in the invention of a solid state high frequency welder (Horng Shin had invented and sold the first solid state high frequency welder to Shang Hsing Corporation in 1997).

This new technology is based on a distinguished innovation that offers the most advanced and reliable performance. This solid state high frequency welder improves mill operating environments and enhances productivity.

To expand our business territory, our company’s philosophy is to develop an excellent, firm and reliable product. Our company vision is to provide better quality, customer oriented and leading techniques for our clients. Horng Shin will continue to deliver satisfactory products and services to our customers, domestically and abroad. However, we appreciate customers’ instructions and patronages in the future.